Our Story

The Phoenix Cultural Centre is one of the most distinguished Indie art centres, promoting Indie arts/cinema in Canada. The centre established in Toronto in 2015, and since then has grown in the main Canadian cities such as Montreal, Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary and Ottawa focusing on a multidimensional approach contributing to the popularisation of the film culture, the promotion of the Indie  film achievements, and the establishment of the Indie art cinematography in Canada.

The centre aims to create a direct dialogue between the Canadian community and Indie artists , allowing for an open confrontation of audiences and international guests: filmmakers, actors, and directors; in the recent months, Leyla Hatami (Leila, What’s the Time in Your World), Mani Haghi (Dragon Arrives, Fifty Kilo Cherries), Hamed Behdad (Preterm Births and Happened at midnight), Nikki Karimi (Night shift and Kidnapped), Fatemeh Motamed Ariya (Abyjan), Shahab Hosseini (The Paternal House and Living Middle Class), Levon Haftavan (Dracula) and Hamid Farrokhnejad (Gashteh Ershad 2) and Hussein Moazzinia have been the guests of the centre in Toronto. The discussion sessions and movie featuring have also formed in Vancouver, directed by Dr. Amir Houshang Hashemi, a critic and author of the cinema, a member of the Hafiz Cinema Board of Juries, and the director of the Pacific United Productions.

The Center is a non-profit organization functioning independently with the support of private sponsorship. The role of private sponsorship is essential in day to day functioning of the center for the cost of organizing and broadcasting films abroad is very high, and the Phoenix Center has set its primary goal to help students participating in the events by providing discounted tickets.

Meet the Team

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Amir Ganjavie

Phoenix President

Amir Houshang Hashemi

Artistic Director

Hooman Shirazi

Public Advisor

Siavash Fattahinia

Social Media & Content Producer

Armin Ebrahimi

Design and Visual Media Team

Amir Akbari

Marketing Team

Kia Salimian

Theatre Producer