The roulette wheel is a real symbol for all gamblers. The atmosphere that reigns in the playing hall while it rotates cannot be compared to anything else. In addition, this particular game is capable of bringing an incredibly large win for just one accurately guessed number.

The main difference or features of “double zero”

From outside observers, few people know that there is a huge variety of roulette varieties. In different parts of the world, it is played in its own way, but only two types of the game have become widespread throughout the world. This is American and European roulette. The differences between them are minimal, but they seriously affect the final result, so it is simply impossible to bypass them.

The only difference between American and European roulette is that the first wheel has sector 00 – “double zero”. For a person far from gambling, this difference will seem like a trifle. In fact, it’s not that simple at all. This most additional sector provides a gambling establishment with a very significant advantage. And below we will give killer arguments in favor of this statement.

To begin with, we will give only bare statistics. The advantage of a casino with European roulette is 2.7%, which significantly increases the player’s chances of winning. In the American version of the game, this value increases to 5.26 percent. That is, it almost doubles. Do not forget about the exception in the form of 5 positions on the top line, where the house edge is 7.89 percent.

We estimate the chances of winning

“Double Zero”, among other things, increases the number of sectors. If there are 37 of them in European roulette, then in American – 38. This “small” detail also reduces the likelihood of hitting a big jackpot for a player. Newbies are also discouraged by the odds of winning in outside bets, which are:

  • only 2.63 percent if the player bets on only 1 number;
  • 7.89 percent when betting on three numbers (straight);
  • 15.78% if chips are placed on pairs or lines;
  • one in three (or just over 31 percent) with dozens of bets.

The chance of winning is highly appreciated only when betting on Columns, Even-Odd or Color – in this case the player will win with a probability of more than 47 percent. But here, too, the indicator falls short of at least one of the two, as in European roulette.

Difference in bet amounts

American roulette is very different from European roulette in that much larger amounts are usually bet on it. This not only increases the profits of gambling establishments, but also opens up almost unlimited opportunities for players to win big wins.

Due to the more solid bets, any win of the player automatically leads the casino to serious financial losses. That is why the sector “double zero” is designed to somewhat equalize the chances of the parties.

Statistics or prestige

The players’ chances of winning described above often scare away those who play roulette for the first time and do not have enough experience. Beginners usually choose the European version of the game in order to increase the likelihood of winning and minimize risks.

But experienced Fresh casino players , on the contrary, prefer to play American roulette. It is considered more prestigious and acts as a serious image tool to demonstrate self-confidence and lack of fear of possible defeat.

Is there any alternative

For beginners who cannot make a choice between the two presented options, we can recommend staying on the third popular option – the French version of the game. It still has the same 37 sectors as in European roulette, but there are several important differences. For example, the “En Prison” and “La Partage” bets, which give an advantage to the player, and not to the gambling establishment, if the ball stops at the “zero” sector. If the main goal is to try your luck, not paying attention to the possible loss, then the choice in favor of American roulette is obvious.

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