In one of the early sequences of the unforgettable Mel Brooks’ comedy “History of the World”, which hilariously depicted the creation of first artworks, the everlasting presence of unpleasant and nervous critics, and also the first attempts in performing arts in the stone age, a Neanderthal man tries his best to amuse a group of audience from his tribe with some unorthodox movements, but no one even fakes a smile. All of a sudden, a dinosaur appears in the corner of the image and grabs the unfortunate comedian, and that’s when the whole audience burst into laugh and joy.

This short sequence depicts the bitter but honest reality of a comedian’s life. Lovable and popular in the society, born to do something great and unique in this world, to amuse and cheer up their fellow human beings in a world full of grief, frustration and failure, full of crimes and tyranny, with a dark, obscure and uncertain future. The comedian, in every moment of life, and through all these difficulties, lives in a similar situation inside the society, with the same concerns and problems. But they are blessed with the power of shedding light on the others’ lives, to remove the weight of pain and suffering from people’s shoulders, even for a few moments.

Those who are involved in artistic activities, truly respect the value of comedy, the directors, actors, writers, and anyone who wants to bring joy, fun and happiness to others, even if the segregation from the outside world, lasts only for the duration of the performance.
History of cinema and theatre has always shown a significant homage to the comedians. The soundtrack of the film “Chaplin” by the late John Barry, is undoubtedly one of the greatest auditory tributes to the artists who at the time of poverty, hardships and frustration, were determined to make the world a sweet and bearable place to live; and without them, how bitter and empty and soulless was our lives. In the Phoenix Comedy Film Festival of Toronto, we are welcoming the adorable actors and directors of the Comedy cinema, whose achievements are not confined to the undeniable reconciliation of people with Cinema and Theater, great names such as Hamid Farrokh Nejad, Mani Haghighi, Reza Attaran and Hooman Seyedi, whose genius in bypassing the imposed restrictions on culture and arts, is exemplary and worthy of commendation.

With a world of respects for the masters of comedy, which we were not fortunate to have all of them this year in the festival, we wish the sweetest and most joyful days for the cinephils and especially, those who enjoy watching comedies.