Iranian/Canadian actor, screenwriter and director Levon Haftvan passed away on March 10 (19 Esfand) due to a heart attack. He was a powerful actor, a creative artist and a wonderful person. Only he could have played “Parviz” so splendidly and only he could have played “Kupal” so smoothly.
He was a resident of Canada and it had only been a few years that he travelled to Iran to act in front of the camera. Al Parsai Immigration Services and Phoenix Cultural Centre have considered a ceremony in remembrance of this artist with the screening of “Kupal”. Prior to the screening, several guests including filmmakers, film critics and friends of Mr. Haftvan will be present to speak about him and his art. Attending this ceremony is free, but due to the small venue, please reserve your seats. Attending this ceremony is at no cost, but due to the small venue, please reserve your seats here.

Date: March 18, 2018
Time: 19:00-22:30
Location:Regent Teatre

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