There are two main rules that can affect your winnings at casino roulette. The first is the number of “zero”. In most cases, one or two. But there are games that have more of them. The second is the rule for returning half of the bet. The player loses only half of his bet when a “0” or “00” appears. In European roulette, as a rule, there is only one sector “zero”.

Roulette types rules

When you play roulette online free you will notice that the rules for different roulette types are very similar, for example, American and European, the only difference is the number of “zero” sections.

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Other popular roulette variations:

  • “Berlin”. All bets, when the ball hits “zero”, are frozen. As a rule, the bet is left for the next spin, after which it is either returned to the player without profit if the spin was “winning”, or loses, even if it includes “zero”. The advantage of the casino is 1.39%.
  • “Holland”. This variation of roulette free play is very similar to the previous one. The only difference is that if “zero” appears twice, then the bet is frozen for two spins. To get the bet back, both spins must be winning for the player. If zero falls out again, the player has lost. The advantage of the casino is 1.37%.
  • “Hamburg”. If the ball stops at zero, half of the bet is returned to the player. The advantage of the casino is 1.35%. If there are more than two “zeros” in the game (although you haven’t heard of this yet), then it is better to avoid the game.

Of course, there are others but these are the most common.

Where to play?

In the US, most roulettes have two zeros and no half bet returns. But there are exceptions: for example, Atlantic City, where the roulette wheel has a double zero and a half bet return rule.

There are several establishments in Las Vegas with one zero with high lows. The gambling establishment Nevada Palace and Stratosphere offer low minimums and one-zero play. Alternatively, you can play roulette at Bellagio, Mirage, or Aladdin. There is one “zero” and the rule of returning half the amount applies.

Tips and tricks to play roulette online free

Employees of Cornell University (USA) have discovered a few simple secrets to effectively predict the results of the game.

Their advice is:

  1. Don’t bid right away. Observe the trajectory of the wheel and the behavior of the ball for a while.
  2. Take this at least half an hour when you learn how to play roulette online free and find the best numbers.
  3. As a rule, number 17 is considered one of the best roulette numbers. And number 7 is a lucky one, so you can always try your luck.
  4. If you have a sufficient amount of money, choose the same number all the time, gradually increasing the rate. It’s quite risky, but the benefits will cover the costs. Try to start small and guess when to raise.
  5. Entering the establishment, look at all available roulette tables. Examine them carefully: pick the one that you like the most, after all, you play to have fun.

Experienced gamblers recommend first betting very modest amounts.

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